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Starting this school year, Tennessee public schools will be using a better way to measure how much students have learned. A new statewide assessment, called TNReady, replaces the old TCAP math and English tests for students in grades 3–11. This new and improved test will better measure the real-world skills that prepare Tennessee students to graduate ready to take on the world and win.

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What Parents Need to Know about TNReady

When students take TNReady, the state's new and improved English and math assessment, they are taking an important step to being ready for what comes after high school—whether going to career training, college, the military, or work. TNReady will help Tennessee students graduate ready to take on the world and win.

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Five Benefits
of TNReady

  1. TNReady will assess students on their real understanding of material, not rote memorization or test-taking tricks.
  2. TNReady will measure whether students are developing the real-world skills needed for the next grade and for life after high school—critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, and communication.
  3. TNReady will give teachers and parents important information about where students are succeeding and where they need more support.
  4. The best preparation for TNReady will be the high-quality teaching and engaged learning that happens in classrooms all year.
  5. TNReady will ensure parents know at each grade how their children are doing in school and how their school is doing compared to other schools.

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The Expect More, Achieve More Coalition wants every Tennessee student to graduate ready to take on the world and win. We provide information and support to K-12 educators and parents so they can help students meet high academic expectations, develop real-world skills, and show what they know and can do on TNReady, the new and improved state test for English and math.