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How can we make sure Tennessee students graduate ready to take on the world and win? In school, students need strong academic standards that emphasize learning real-world skills and the TNReady assessment that lets them show what they know and what they can do. At home, parents can provide the support that helps their students achieve more.

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  1. TNReady assesses your student on real-world skills and real understanding. TNReady matters because it measures what students have learned – instead of test-taking skills – and identifies what they still need to learn.
  2. TNReady helps prepare your student to make the most of big opportunities ahead: college-credit courses, university entrance and placement tests, military entrance exams, and Tennessee Promise. TNReady matters because it tells you every year – not just once in high school – whether your student is on track to achieve postsecondary goals or how to catch up with extra help.
  3. TNReady score reports explain what your child has learned – and what you and teachers can do to make sure the learning continues. TNReady matters because it will give parents and teachers meaningful, actionable advice to help their students learn more in the year ahead.


TNReady is a big step forward from the old TCAP tests because it allows students to show what they know and what they can do with multiple-choice and multiple-answer items, open-ended questions, and problems that require students to show how they arrived at their answer.

Your child will demonstrate reading, writing, and analytical skills on the TNReady English assessment by working with short readings of fiction and nonfiction. The math test will present real-life situations that test student abilities, both with and without a calculator. TNReady is designed to assess how well your student really understands the lessons taught this school year.

Why High Expectations Matter to Tennessee Parents and Students

  1. Tennessee’s academic standards set clear goals for what students should know about each subject at each grade.
  2. Tennessee’s high standards help teachers prepare students for the next grade and graduates for success after high school.
  3. Tennessee’s standards emphasize real learning by students, with more understanding and less memorization.
  4. The standards help students become critical thinkers and problem-solvers with strong skills for analysis and communication – the knowledge needed for education beyond high school and for work.
  5. Tennessee’s standards set high expectations for ALL students.

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The Expect More, Achieve More Coalition wants every Tennessee student to graduate ready to take on the world and win. We provide information and support to K-12 educators and parents so they can help students meet high academic expectations, develop real-world skills, and show what they know and can do on high-quality annual state assessments.