Teaching for All Students: A Teacher Success Story

All really does mean all for Leticia Skae.

“I’m passionate about teaching because I came to this country as an immigrant and I had wonderful teachers who guided me, cared for me, empowered me.” She says, “I want for my students to get the same wonderful educational experience.”

How does she ensure a wonderful educational experience for every student? Careful planning, accountability through data, and collaboration with other teachers.

“When I first arrived at Hillsboro High School, my executive principal announced to the entire faculty that I was hired to raise our English 2 literacy scores.” Ms. Skae said, “After I picked my stomach up off of the floor from the pressure, I began my plan.”

She mapped out the next year thoughtfully and purposefully, working with other teachers to raise the school’s English EOC scores, track data across English classes, and create common assessments. As Ms. Skae worked with her fellow teachers, the scores began to rise and her own teaching improved.

“I learned so much from other teachers and I was able to use these tools within my own classes.” She says.

Three years in, Hillsboro’s English 2 EOC scores dramatically improved, topping the high school scores for the district, showing significant student growth. These results are what keeps Ms. Skae going.

“The best part of teaching,” she says, “is watching students grow.”