Using Technology To Learn And Conduct Research In English Class: A Teacher Success Story

When it comes to a new strategy to improve student learning, teacher Clare Lundy has two words: “Hello, technology!”

She’s used technology to give students an organized online space to learn, where they can get information on student projects and find resources for research. After developing the website, she noticed a difference in her students’ work.

“I have seen students working on their papers more outside of class and emailing me questions – good ones! I have seen a 25 percent increase in the number of research papers submitted by the deadline,” she explains.

Improving her student’s ability to read, write, and research has been at the forefront of Ms. Lundy’s mind because of the way those skills can impact her students’ future.

“Becoming a person who seeks out the answers to problems and questions using accessible resources and compiles them in a coherent way is a necessary attribute of anyone working in a 21st-century world,” she says.

That’s why she “agonizes” over teaching research and why she became an English teacher – because she believes in the power of education and great teaching to create good trajectories for all students.

“I am on a mission to not only help my students learn to read, write, and communicate well,” she says. “But I also hope to instill in them the values that will allow them to become hard workers, innovators, and problem solvers so that they can improve all aspects of their lives.”