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To help students learn more, teachers need good data about where children are excelling and where they need more support. That’s why assessments like TNReady are an important part of the learning cycle. TNReady was designed with feedback from Tennessee educators to create a summative assessment that is aligned with the academic standards teachers use every day in the classroom. Teachers can build a learning partnership with parents and students by explaining how they use assessment data in their instruction.

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The Instructional Value of TNReady

New Assessments for New Standards

TNReady was developed by Tennessee teachers and education experts to go hand in hand with the Tennessee-designed academic standards, so students are being tested on what they’re actually learning.

Close Alignment with Classroom Instruction

TNReady mirrors the kind of high-quality work students are already doing in their classrooms, so the best preparation for TNReady is day-to-day instruction from Tennessee teachers. Less test preparation, more instruction.

21st Century Skills

TNReady is designed to measure whether students are actually on track for the next grade and are acquiring the 21st Century skills necessary to be prepared for college or a career by graduation.

Improved Score Reports

The TNReady score reports will provide more in-depth feedback than any previous statewide assessment about a student’s subject-specific skills and knowledge. Good data help support great teaching and learning.


Steps to TNReady Success This Year

New Vendor

Last year, Tennessee selected Questar, a national leader in large-scale assessments, as the new vendor for TNReady.

Paper-and-Pencil Format

Most students – and all students in grades 3-8 – will take TNReady on paper. A phased-in transition to online tests begins this year with some high schools in 25 districts.

Shorter, Streamlined Tests

Based on feedback from Tennessee’s teachers, TNReady is being adjusted this year to preserve more time for classroom instruction. The assessments have been consolidated into a single state-testing window and are being administered in shorter subparts that better fit with classroom schedules.


What Parents and Students Need to Know

TNReady is a test that really matters. Here’s why:

  • TNReady measures students on real world skills and real understanding of the lessons covered in class.
  • TNReady results reveal what students have learned and what teachers, parents, and students – working together – can do to make sure the learning and growing continue.
  • TNReady helps students stay on track to make the most of every opportunity ahead – college placement tests, military entrance exams, and Tennessee Promise.

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The Expect More, Achieve More Coalition wants every Tennessee student to graduate ready to take on the world and win. We provide information and support to K-12 educators and parents so they can help students meet high academic expectations, develop real-world skills, and show what they know and can do on high-quality annual state assessments.